Recovery Stories

Mental Health Recovery Stories

mental health recovery stories





LAP clients come forward to share how they overcame and succeeded, and you can too.

The success stories that take place every day can provide hope and encouragement to those who are facing some of the same issues.

You can sign your name to your story, sign just you first name, or remain completely anonymous. You can write your story and submit it to LAP or you can arrange to tell your story to a LAP staff member or volunteer who will transfer it to written format.

Contact us if you’d like to be a part of this project. If you would like a printed booklet of these recovery stories, call us at 312-726-6607 or 800-LAP-1233.

Glad I'm Not that Guy


A Judge Reached out to Help

Thank you sign neon

It was Simply Business


I'm Not Depressed ...


My Eating was Out of Control


The Gift of Sobriety

wood bridge

It Was a Family Problem

Family Prob. 2

What to Do, What to Do

Plant in Window

More than Loosing Weight


Bipolar Illness and Crisis

shopping color

College Drinking Followed Me

college bar

Trading Addictions

motor bike race

25 and My Life was Over

Sad girl sweater

Many People Struggle

many atruggle

An Early Beginning


A Cupcake Each Milestone


Share Your Story with Us

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