My Eating was Out of Control

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My eating was out of control. Every Sunday I promised to be “good” and start another diet but usually within days (or less) I was back to binging. Days of controlled under-eating would be followed by over-eating which was then followed by shame, remorse, and weight gain.

As a perfectionist, I exercised to lose weight. But, ultimately I always put more weight on. As my years as a lawyer increased, so too did my dependence upon food and my weight. I found myself secretly eating and needing time away from my family to escape alone with my drug of choice. Litigating big cases is stressful and food relaxed me. My favorite time was working late so I could charge a meal to my employer and be alone from the rest of the world.

I eventually realized something was wrong with me. My eating was out of control and I needed help. But it isn’t cool to be an overeater – and it seemed weak – so I continued to try to fix things myself. After all, I was successful at conquering just about everything else in life – so I would eventually lick this food problem. Or so I thought each Sunday as I planned a new diet.

Eventually I let my guard down and asked for help. I got involved in Overeaters Anonymous and my life has never been the same.

Today, my life is amazing. I am at a healthy body weight. Food is no longer a daily struggle. I have a successful law practice beyond my wildest dreams. I am there for my family and have met many wonderful friends. The practice of law can still be stressful – but today I have a set of tools to deal with stressful situations. Today, I feel like I am one of the luckiest men on earth.


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