LAP Annual Training a Success

On July 6, 2018

LAP Annual Training a Success

With over 300 people in attendance the 2018 LAP Annual Training is a continued success. The day’s programming was simulcasted between two locations, Carbondale and Chicago, Illinois.

The day’s agenda covers important and timely topics for our legal community such as:

  • identifying mental health and substance abuse disorders amongst colleagues;
  • confidentiality and immunity;
  • managing difficult conversations;
  • family and organizational dynamics of addiction; and
  • nuts and bolts of intervention.

Annual Training Speaker, Maria J. Minor, CPL, JD, Coach/Trainer/Consultant, adds:

I am so grateful that the legal community is becoming more honest with itself about the stress and struggles that go hand in hand with practicing law, but even when attorneys felt like they needed to always present a brave face, LAP and its volunteers were there to provide confidential support.  

As lawyers we often feel our arguments and drafting must be perfect or we need to have solutions and answers at the ready.  When a colleague (or friend or family member) is in distress, often the first step is just starting the conversation. By approaching our colleagues mindfully, and with curiosity and compassion, we are empowered to share our concerns, hear others’ struggles, and perhaps even be the bridge to much needed treatment and support.”

Those who choose to volunteer will contribute to LAP’s mission to HELP, PROTECT and EDUCATE by writing articles, presenting at LAP trainings, serving as Peer Support Mentors, among other opportunities. Click for more information about volunteering at LAP.

What’s on the horizon, LAP’s Director of Outreach and Clinical Programming Chelsy Castro, comments on LAP’s direction: “LAP will continue to push to breakdown the stigma that prevents many of our colleagues from seeking much needed support.  In the upcoming year, LAP will be strengthening its connections with judges throughout the state, as well as continue to expand its statewide continuing legal education program, adding a number of new training’s to the curriculum.  Moreover, with an office in residence in all 9 Illinois law schools, LAP will be making these important connections even earlier.”

Taking advantage of the well-being momentum, LAP is proud to announce a partnership with the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) led by ISBA President James F. McCluskey. President McCluskey emphasizes: “It’s not only going to be people who, from a professional standpoint, are psychologists or other medical professionals. You need a community of lawyers looking out for the well-being of one another. There needs to be more programs that reach out to lawyers to evaluate and counsel them as to the many causes of substance abuse.” To be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer, this is what LAP aims to support and promote.

LAP urges you to:

  • Observe;
  • Take action.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact LAP – even if just to further inquire confidentially or anything described above.  Check out LAP’s website at and call (1800-LAP-1233) or email us ( anytime.

No problem or concern is too big or to too small. You have the ability to affect the future of our profession for the better – connect with us today!

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