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LAP Annual Dinner

>>Thursday, November 1, 2018

Join us in celebration of LAP Volunteers, Supporters, and Clients at the LAP Annual Dinner!

Don’t miss Keynote Speaker: John J. Cullerton, Illinois Senate President

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LAP is proud to present this year’s award winners:

Warren Wolfson Excellence in Education Award: Northern Illinois University College of Law

Carl Rolewick Award: Tracy Kepler and Kevin Kelly

Michael J. Howlett Jr. Award: Christine Anderson

President’s Award: Lamont Walton and Natasha Dorsey

LAP ALT-NET Cooking Class

>>Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Have you heard about LAP’s newest group ALT-NET? It’s an Alternative Networking group open to all attorneys, judges and law students. Focused on fun, interesting, inspiring meet-ups of all types on a monthly basis. There’s nothing more delicious than fresh pasta, and making it yourself is much easier than you might think. Our chef instructor will first show you how to create the perfect pasta dough by hand, which can be the base for endless variations and shapes. Then you’ll create flavorful, complementary sauces to pair with your handcrafted noodles. Renew your passion for pasta by learning the techniques for creating it from scratch and make tasty and satisfying new dishes.


Professional Responsibility Changes

The Illinois Supreme Court has amended the Illinois rule regarding the professional responsibility minimum continuing legal education requirement, Rule 794(d).  The Rule will still require Illinois lawyers to complete 6 hours of professional responsibility CLE every reporting period, but, effective July 1, 2017, of those 5 hours, one hour must be devoted to diversity and inclusion, and one hour must be devoted to mental health and substance abuse.

You can read the Court’s press release here and the revised Rule here.

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All of LAP’s services are totally free and totally confidential.  All LAP staff and LAP Volunteers are bound by the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 1.6. and the Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Interveners and Reporter Immunity Law.