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Dr. Diana Uchiyama appointed to ABA Practice Renewal & Reintegration Task Force

This task for is essential as we move forward despite covid challenges. Dr. Diana’s competence, experience and commitment to the legal community is essential for our continued success.

LAP is asking for your financial support to continue to provide quality care and services due to the Increasing Needs of the Legal Profession

LAP Board Member Judge Stanley Hill awarded the NBC 5 Making a Difference Award

Since 2012, Judge Hill has mentored hundreds of children and young adults through his creation of the PUSH EXCEL Oratorical Contest and St. Sabina Church Oratorical Contest. Judge Hill’s program includes weekly coaching classes, teaching young people the power of persuasive speech. Thank you Judge Hill for Making a Difference!


Dr. Diana Uchiyama appointed to ABA Section of Litigation Mental Health & Wellness Task Force and receives Presidential appointment to the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

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Call: Tony Pacione 847-830-1290

Call: Dr. Diana Uchiyama: 630-642-9089


LAP Resources for the Pandemic & Beyond – click here

LAP Weekly Group Meetings are all virtual. Please see Events Calendar for available meetings, and contact us for connection information.


This website will be updated regularly with information.

CLICK for Mental Health Resources for the Legal Profession During CVOID-19

CLICK for the State of Illinois Executive Order in Response to CVOID-19

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1 Year Celebration! LAP AA Virtual Nightly Meetings 

In recognition of a full year of nightly virtual AA meetings, the group is hosting a celebration meeting on Monday March 22, 2021 at 8:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome.


The group that normally meets at 20 S. Clark is temporarily holding online ‘Zoom’ AA meetings at 8:00 p.m. every night.

Anyone with a desire to stop drinking is welcome. Just need a smartphone or computer with a webcam.


‘Zoom’ video link and meeting ID:

Meeting ID: 331 425 378

Password: 059957


For audio only: Just call 312 626 6799 on any phone, and then input meeting ID 331 425 378 when prompted.

Free and Confidential Help.

Free and Confidential Help.

  • I called LAP because I wanted help. I didn't want to drink anymore, but I didn't know how to stop. It was a huge relief knowing I had reached out to someone who could help me.

    LAP Client
  • I'm very grateful that someone cared enough about me to recommend me to LAP. I truly believe it saved my life.

    LAP Client
  • During a time in my life when honesty and respect were in short supply, LAP's help allowed me to continue working, stay healthy, and eventually put my family back together and our legal crisis behind us.

    LAP Client
  • I went to the LAP twelve-step meeting. I was nervous because these were lawyers and I was just a law student. Instead, everyone was loving and welcoming. They were happy to see me. It is still my favorite meeting.

    LAP Client
  • The main issue with bipolar illness is the lack of stability. It is like trying to pin the tail on the donkey for those suffering and for those around them. Will the real person please stand up?

    LAP Client
  • With the help of Lawyers’ Assistance Program, I was admitted to the Illinois Bar. I have married a wonderful woman. And I am committed to my ongoing sobriety

    LAP Client
  • My dilemma was how to change or get help because I was surrounded by people who were thinking like me, acting like me – they were just like me.

    LAP Cleint
  • I was ill-equipped to deal with my emotional issues and, without LAP, I honestly do not know how I would have moved through my last two years of law school or the Bar Exam. I owe a lot of my success today to Lawyers’ Assistance Program.

    LAP Client
  • I didn't think about food the way that normal eaters think about food. My thoughts of food were as consuming as an alcoholic’s thoughts about alcohol. Once I admitted that I am powerless over food and that my life had become unmanageable, I took the first step on my road to recovery.

    LAP Client
  • I ended up in a lot more legal trouble as a result of my drinking than many of my friends. In the five years that led up to law school, I made repeated bad decisions regarding my alcohol use.... [Eventually] the realization of having to disclose my years of drinking problems to the National Board of Bar Examiners began to sink in.

    LAP Client
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Intervention
  • Peer Support
  • Referrals

Risk Free

All of LAP’s services are totally free and totally confidential. All LAP staff and LAP Volunteers are bound by the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 1.6. and the Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Interveners and Reporter Immunity Law.

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