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Judges experience many of the same problems as other members of the legal profession – stress, depression, balancing work and family, alcohol or drug abuse, and compulsive behaviors. However, a judge’s problem is more likely to go unnoticed and untreated because of the insular nature of the judge’s role in the legal system.

Confidentiality is Guaranteed.

Judges are frequently reluctant to seek help because of fear, denial, embarrassment – even hopelessness. Above all they are concerned about their problems becoming known and negatively impacting their status and reputation.

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Tony Pacione, LCSW, CSADC, Deputy Director
Dr. Diana Uchiyama, JD, PsyD, CAADC, Executive Director
Joe Scally, MA, JD, Clinical Director

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Connect With LAP?

Our services include individual and group therapy, assessments, education, peer support, intervention, wellness and more.

Meet with a LAP Clinician

LAP will invite you to come into our offices or conduct a virtual consultation and assessment — we are available statewide.

Consultation & Assessment

Your first meeting with a LAP Clinician will most likely involve a series of questions covering your background, your concerns, and your current goals.

Follow Up

Regardless of the recommendation, LAP is available to you now, throughout your judicial career and beyond.


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