Illinois Lawyers' Assistance Program


The Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program, is only able to serve those in need as a result of the efforts of our staff, and the contributions of those within our legal community. All donations are appreciated and welcome.

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Thank you for your contribution!

LAP has been helping Judges, Lawyers, and Law Students since 1980. During the unrelenting Covid-19 pandemic, LAP has seen an increase in mental health, substance use and financial stressors for our legal community. Studies showed even before the pandemic that the legal profession has substantially higher rates of mental health and substance use issues then the general population.

During the pandemic, LAP has created HIPPA compliant telehealth services to provide equal access to LAP clinicians throughout the State and have expanded outreach, assessments, weekly support groups, and consultation services to legal agencies and firms who nee assistance in managing workforce problems.

All services at LAP are without cost and confidential with immunity under Supreme Court Rule 1.6, allowing more legal professionals to reach out without fear and stigma. LAP and its resources are proactive in minimizing risk and creating a population of legal professionals who can recover and have robust, healthy legal careers and lives.

Due to increased outreach, annual volunteer trainings, presentations, CLEs and the creation of more LAP Locals throughout the State, we have increased self-referral rates from 49% to 73% in less than three years.

Your contributions allow us to continue accessing all those in need throughout the State, regardless of their financial status, and provide education and presentations to agencies who have limited financial resources. At LAP, we use the mantra “We are all in this together” especially during these particularly challenging times.

LAP needs your help more now than ever, so your donation will help us provide these critical, life-saving services.


Dr. Diana Uchiyama, JD, PsyD, CAADC

LAP Executive Director