Continuing Legal Education

illinois continuing legal education


LAP also provides no-cost online opportunities to earn Mental Health and Addiction Continuing Legal Education Credits.  All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated.

Illinois Continuing Legal Education

The Lawyers’ Assistance Program provides speakers for Continuing Legal Education Credits at law firms, bar associations, law schools, and other organizations at no cost. As we are a not-for-profit, we only ask for a donation and travel reimbursement, when possible.  All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated.

All LAP CLEs meet the criteria for the new Illinois Continuing Legal Education Mental Health and Addiction Professionalism credit requirement.

You can choose from any of the in person training options listed below.  LAP can also tailor its presentations to fit your organization’s needs.

1. Mindful Combat (1 Credit Hour)

2.Burnout Prevention (1 Credit Hour)

3. Your Best Thinking in the Worst Situations:: Improving Decision Making Under Stress (1.5 Credit Hours)

4. Recognizing, Understanding, and Referring a Colleague in Need (1 Credit Hour)

5. Stress Reduction Through Yoga & Mindfulness – (1 Credit Hour)

6. Under Pressure: Avoiding Ethical Issues in Private Practice (1 Credit Hour)

7. Impairment Proofing Your Firm: A Balancing Act: Supporting Lawyers While Protecting the Firm (1 Credit Hour)

8. Resiliency in the Face of Adversity (1 Credit Hour)

9. Incivility in the Workplace (1 Credit Hour)

10. The Mindful Law School Leader (No Credit Hours Offered)

11. The Path to a Successful and Satisfying Law Career (1 Credit Hour)

11. Thinking Errors That Will Sabotage Your Law Practice (30 minutes) (.5 Credit Hour)

To host a LAP CLE at your organization contact Chelsy Castro at