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Law School Depression and Mental Health Support


LAP presents at Illinois law schools throughout the year. Presentations can be tailored to either law students or school staff and cover a variety of topics and formats.

Early Education and Intervention is Key to Prevention.
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lap office hours

Law School LAP Office Hours

Making its free and confidential services easily available to law students is one of LAP’s top priorities.  That’s why LAP is running a pilot program offering on-campus LAP office hours.  A trained LAP representative will be available on-campus on a monthly basis at a predetermine day, time and location.  Students are free to stop by and speak with the LAP representative about anything.  As with all of LAP’s services, all participants in this program can be assured that everything will be free and confidential.

law student orientation

Law Student Orientation

Orientation is a great opportunity to acquaint LAP as a free and confidential resource for law students.  LAP regularly speaks at law school orientations throughout Illinois, familiarizing students with its range of free and confidential services.  In this introduction, LAP aims to normalize the fact that stress is normal and that its ok to ask for support.  LAP orientation presentations can range from 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the school’s needs.

law students ethics and professionalism

Mental Health Professionals

LAP presents in the context of law school ethics and professionalism courses because addiction and mental health issues are overwhelmingly involved in many of Illinois Ethics and Professionalism complaints against attorneys.  LAP aims to help law students keep from becoming unhappy and unprofessional lawyers later on in their careers.

mental health volunteer

Law School Staff Training

Whether the concern is depression, anxiety, burnout, alcoholism or substance abuse, early identification by a law school staff or administrator can save a student’s career, and even her life.  Law school professors, deans, and student services staff are in a great position for identifying students in need because see students regularly and in close proximity.  LAP trains law school staff and administrators to detect the warning signs of a law student in trouble.  During a Law School Staff and Administrators training LAP conducts an interactive skills building presentation that teaches participants how to identify a variety of mental health and addiction or substance abuse issues and what to do.

law student wellness

Mental Health Events for Law Students

Wellness fairs are a great way to remind students of LAP’s free and confidential services.  LAP’s physical presence in a law school is tangible evidence of the school leadership’s support for law student well-being.  When tabling, LAP provides a range of materials tailored to student needs and goodies like stress balls, pens, hand puzzles and more.

lunchtime presentation

Character & Fitness Bar Exam Application

Failing Law School is a Common Concern

One of the biggest causes for law school stress is the fear of failing. There’s a lot of pressure when going for a law degree and one thing that’s constantly looming over student is failing law school. If this is something that you’re going through, don’t hesitate to contact Illinois LAP.

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